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Established more than 30 years ago, the Husby Group consistently provides the business intelligence, quality assurance, and principled guidance essential to parent an aggressive forest products group. The Husby Group is the largest privately held full-service forest management company in Canada. The group directly employs and contracts more than 250 individuals who have earned excellent reputations for delivering on their promises.

Husby Forest Products specializes in a wide range of services including Strategic Planning, Forestry, Logging, Lumber Production, Custom Cutting, Stewardship and Environmental Monitoring with a focus on the coastal forest region of British Columbia.

Husby is keenly attuned to the complex economic and environmental demands of timber harvesting on the Queen Charlotte Islands / Haida Gwaii. As a result, they have prospered and earned recognition for innovative logging concepts and fish & wildlife protection.

The commitment of Husby Forest Products to investing in the future forests is a matter of record with the implementation of ongoing progressive reforestation and silviculture programs, forest inventory, landslide rehabilitation, stream restoration, and wildlife habitat inventories.

Husby Forest Products Forest Stewardship Plan

Download HFP Forest Stewardship Plan 2018 - Document

Download HFP Supporting Information FSP 2018

Download HFP Forest Development Unit Map 2018

Download HFP Notification of Amendment 1 October 8 2020

Download HFP FSP Amendment #1 October 8 2020 - Document

Download HFP FSP Amendment #1 Supporting Information October 8 2020

Husby Forest Products Development Plan Maps

Download HFP Eden Lake Development Plan Map 2023

Download HFP Collison Point Development Plan Map 2024

Download HFP Sewell Inlet Development Plan Map 2020

Download HFP McClinton Bay Development Plan Map 2020

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